The "Coup Attempt" at the Capitol

2021-01-10 -- The following is a letter that I wrote to the pastor at my wife's Catholic church.

Dear Father George,

I overheard part of your sermon yesterday while my wife was watching the Mass online, and I was astounded by what I heard. You said that the break-in at the US Capitol building a few days ago was a "coup attempt" that would go down in history along with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Perhaps it will, but not for the reason that you think.

The notion that this incident was a "coup attempt" is patently ridiculous. It was a few unarmed and unorganized people against one of the most heavily armed and well trained police forces in the world.

You did not explicitly blame it on Trump, but the implication that Trump was behind it or "instigated" it is just another one of the many false narratives that have been pushed by the mainstream media since Trump was elected.

Remember the "Russia collusion" scam that the media hyped non-stop for nearly three years? You know, the one that we now know was completely fabricated from start to finish in an attempt to bring down a democratically elected president based on easily disprovable lies? That was an *actual* coup attempt. Have you condemned it yet in your sermons?

The real tragedy here is that this incident has completely distracted public attention from perhaps the most important congressional debate in history about the massive election fraud that the fake news is covering up. This incident is now a pretext that the fake news media will use for years to keep half of the American public distracted, confused, and ignorant about the *actual* coup that has likely been perpetrated.

President Trump is the most pro-life president we've ever had, and he is a strong supporter of religious freedom, while the Democrat Party is uniformly "pro-choice" and routinely claims that the very idea of religious freedom is based on bigotry. But the Catholic Church doesn't seem to care much about any of that. From my perspective, they seem to care more about facilitating and defending illegal immigration than they care about ending abortion and preserving the religious freedom that our nation was founded on.

Once your religious freedom is gone -- and your freedom in general, for that matter -- perhaps you will decide to re-order your priorities.

And that may happen sooner than you think.


Russ P.

PS: I urge you to ditch the fake news and check the following websites daily:

  • Breitbart
  • Whatfinger News
  • Zerohedge
  • CNS News
  • Bongino Report
  • Frontpage mag

    Also, don't miss Tucker Carlson weekday evenings at 5 pm EST on Fox News.