Urgent: Stop the Marxist Takeover of America

2020-10-10 -- Our nation is in dire jeopardy of an irreversible Marxist takeover within a month. The seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated.

If the Democrats win the presidency and both houses of congress in November, they have made it clear that they intend to rig the government to keep themselves permanently in power. They will end the filibuster in the Senate, removing any legislative obstacle to their radical agenda. (The filibuster requires 60 of 100 votes to pass legislation.) They will then pack the Supreme Court with leftist judges who have no use for the Constitution, removing any judicial obstacle to that same radical agenda. When asked, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have both refused to pledge not to take those radical steps.

They will also open the border and provide "free" health care and other benefits to anyone who comes in. That would of course open the floodgates to tens if not hundreds of millions of new immigrants, and the Democrats would quickly make them voting citizens to greatly expand their voter base and solidify their one-party rule, turning the US into Mexico North. And if you think we are on the verge of bankruptcy now, those reckless policies will greatly expand our already massive unfunded liabilities (over $100T for Medicare and Social Security) and further drive up an already unsustainable federal debt.

In a cynical attempt to divide us by race, the Democrats routinely call Trump and his supporters "white supremacists" -- and then they turn around and accuse Trump of trying to divide us by race! Their constant and obsessive race-baiting is a classic trick that communists have used to sow discord in America since the Reagan era, but now it seems to be working, perhaps due to the weakening of our economy by the draconian COVID pan(dem)ic lockdowns.

Trump has never said anything to even remotely suggest that that he is a "white supremacist," and he has made many clear statements to the contrary -- which the Democrats and the media ignore. The widely repeated claim that Trump never condemns neo-Nazis and white supremacists is a brazen lie. After the Charlottesville incident, when Trump famously said "there are good people on both sides of the debate," he was referring to the debate over the removal of Confederate statues. He was not suggesting that neo-Nazis and white supemacists are "good people," but the mainstream (i.e., fake news) media took this quote out of context to deliberately mislead the public into believing he meant that. A few sentences later he explicitly condemned neo-Nazis and white supremacists, but the media deceptively hid that part in their replay clips.

The fake news media routinely perpetrates these kinds of deceptions to fool the public into believing that Trump is a racist. Another classic example was when Trump was discussing the violent MS-13 gang, and he called them "animals." The fake news media played it out of context to make it appear that he was referring to all illegal immigrants as "animals". This deception was eventually exposed, but many deceived viewers never saw the correction and were left with the false impression yet again that Trump is racist. The plain truth is that blacks and Hispanics were doing better economically under Trump before the pan(dem)ic than they ever did under Obama, and that's a verifiable fact.

If "Black Lives Matter" really cared about black lives, they would be pushing for *more* policing, not less, particularly in high-crime communities (which are almost all been run by Democrats for decades). The mainstream media never puts it into perspective, but black-on-black murder is several hundred times more common than police shootings or killings of unarmed blacks. As police bidgets in large cities have been cut in response to "defund the police," the murder and crime rates have skyrocketed, and even the number of additional blacks that have been killed as a result is far higher than were ever shot by police. In other words, BLM is causing far more black deaths, not less. They only care about "black lives" in the rare cases when they are politically useful. By cleaning up New York City with more and better policing many years ago, Rudy Guliani did far more to save black lives than BLM will ever do.

If you want a preview of what America would look like under Democrat rule, just look at the big cities that they already rule and have ruled for decades. Many of those cities were already overrun with gang violence and massive homeless encampments even before the pan(dem)ic, but now they are much worse due to gross mismanagement and malfeasance by Democrats. Many Democrat mayors and governors have allowed lawless rioters, vandals, arsonists, and looters to run amuck in support of their radical leftist political agenda. All the while the Democrats and the media were claiming that the protests were "mostly peaceful".

The Democrat modus operandi is to repeat outrageous lies until they are widely accepted as "truth" (e.g., Trump is a "white supremacist"). Is there still some racism in America? Of course there is. No nation of 330 million people of all races could ever possibly eradicate all traces of racism. But the notion that America is "systemically racist", or that racism is anywhere near our most serious problem, is a trojan horse that they are using to sneak Marxism in through the back door. And they are dangerously close to succeeding. The ease with which they have been able to fool so many otherwise decent Americans is truly alarming. (And even if America *is* "systemically racist," BLM is just making the problem worse and is diamatrically opposed to MLK's peaceful resistance and his dream of a color-blind society.)

For months the mainstream media refused to cover the vandalism, looting, arson, and violence in places like Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland. The Democrat Party leadership refused to even acknowledge it, let alone condemn it. They thought that by allowing their supporters to wreak havoc they could somehow weaken Trump. They didn't care that many of the businesses that were destroyed in the riots were minority owned and operated, and they ignored the many heartbreaking stories of business owners having their life's work destroyed. Not until riots broke out in the small town of Kenosha did Biden finally condemn the rioting -- and then he had the audacity to blame it on Trump! These people have no shame. As with the draconian lockdowns, the Democrats have demonstrated that they are willing to destroy the economy if they think it will weaken Trump and help them gain power.

If you think you are safe in the suburbs or rural areas, think again. If the Democrats win big in November, and if you live in a Democrat-controlled state or county, you can look forward to the mobs coming to your community someday soon. And when they do, don't count on the police to defend you after the Democrats defund or "reimagine" them. You will be at the mercy of the mob. If you are white and just want to live peacefully, don't count on it. The mob will eventually demand their "reparations" -- and they may well decide that you have too much "white privilege" and don't deserve your property. And if you try to defend yourself, you could be condemned as a racist vigilante and prosecuted for it.

The Democrats have always opposed voter ID laws. Without voter ID, anyone can vote in place of registered voters who have died or moved away (and didn't bother to unregister). Almost every other nation requires ID to vote, but the Democrats' claim that it "disenfranchises" voters, which is patently ridiculous. You can't open a bank account without an ID, and without a bank account you can't write or cash a check (or get direct deposit from your employer). So who are these people who use nothing but cash for everything? Drug dealers? Think about it. You can't cash a Social Security check or any government check without a bank account, and you can't get a bank account without an ID. And why is it that Democrats claim that voter ID disenfranchises minorities? Apparently they believe that minorities are too stupid or too lazy to get an ID. Who are the racists again?

But the Democrats are now ramping up their usual cheating by pushing for voting by mail and ballot harvesting. They know that if every voter on the registration lists is sent a ballot, many ballots will go to people who have died or moved away, making it even easier than it already is to vote on their behalf. As if that weren't bad enough, ballot harvesting allows organizations to collect those ballots and turn them in for voters in large numbers. Ballot harvesting was illegal but is now legal in California. It's ripe for fraud, and that is exactly why the Democrats are righteously demanding it.

And don't forget about the blatant Biden corruption in China and Ukraine, where the Bidens sold out America for their own family wealth. While the fake news media routinely fabricates fake Trump "scandals," they ignore and downplay these real Biden scandals. (They did the same thing with Hillary Clinton, of course, whom we know for fact committed multiple felonies that would land any ordinary person in prison, including deleting and "bleachbitting" tens of thousands of official government email messages on a private server after they were subpoenaed and sending classified messages over unsecured channels.)

President Trump is facing unprecedented opposition not just from Democrats, but also from 90% of the (fake) news media, 95% of the entertainment industry, 95% of academia, and the vast majority of big tech and social media companies, including google, facebook, and twitter. Do you really think that wealthy celebrities, and technologists care about you? Do you think they even have a clue about what is going on? If Trump wins and our republic is saved, it will truly be a great historical case of the people standing up to the elites and refusing to be fooled by their constant deluge of lies, distortions, and fake news.

The Democrats and their elitist allies are willing to ruin America and your life to permanently seize power in a Marxist takeover. Please do not help them destroy the great nation that we are so blessed to live in!

I urge you to ditch the fake news and check the following websites daily:

  • Breitbart
  • Whatfinger News
  • Zerohedge
  • CNS News
  • Bongino Report
  • Frontpage mag

    Also, don't miss Tucker Carlson weekday evenings at 5 pm EST on Fox News.